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1.1.     Exotic salt lake microbes go into orbit. 17sep98

1.2 Terrestrial Powerhouses: Astrobiology Magazine: Search for life in the

1.3 Memory of the future, two directions.

1.4 Photonic finds a natural solution Lambdagen-Birge


2.1 Colored protein could protect money, ID, etc.

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3.1 Bacteriorhodopsin  Optical Memory.

3.2 Towards a Light Addressable Transducer Bacteriorhodopsin based.

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3.12 Syracuse University & Bioserve Space Technologies collaborators are designing Experiments in “Columbia' s” microgravity conditions involving bacteriorhodopsin.
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5.1 Nature s electronic ink.(New Computer screens)  

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5.7 World news: High- Speed Imaging: Spinning disk records holographic movies.
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