CAMELYN as capsules

Rules of application and dosage

Solution, powder, and ointment of Camelyn is used for both children and adults, as a component of complex therapy, and independently in cases where stimulation of immunity and modification of immune response is necessary.

· Bacterial infections
· Virus infections
· Fungous infections
· Polyneiropathy
· Degeneration-dystrophic diseases of anchylosis
· Tumor diseases
· Post operation period
· Traumas

"Camelyn" capsules containing 0.5 g - "Camelyn M-2"

Capsules should be taken 3 times per day, 30 minutes before the meals with water. Course of treatment: 20 days; interval between the courses: 8 days.

Duration of the treatment is 2-5 courses (2-5 months). If necessary, prolongation of maintenance courses is possible.

Side events
In therapeutic dosage is non-toxic and has no side events. Individual hypersensitivity towards aa individual component of the compound is possible.

Are not revealed.

Interaction with other remedies
Camelyn may be combined with all medical preparations used for treatment of above mentioned disorders. Use of Camelyn is advised in combination with chemical drugs within radiation therapy. In the case of surgical operation Camelyn may be used in the pre- and post-operative period.

Pharmacological forms
- Capsules of Camelyn M2 containing 0.5 g of dry substance, 30 capsules in each package, 10 capsules in each blister pack.

Storing conditions
To be stored in a clean, dry place that is inaccessible by children.

Terms of use

Camelyn M2 - 2 years from manufacturing term