We deposited a proposal (the link is in Greek language) for the development of the perfecture of Ilia at the institution ANDREAS PAPANDREOU for the contest IDEAS FOR ILIA


Our company is in the process of designing with investors the construction of a pioneer unit for the management of wastes from olive presses and wineries from the perfcture of Ilia based on new methods a part of which is worldwide patented.


Our company took on at 2007 on behalf of the shipping group D.K.Petrou the organizing of the files needed for the licensing of electric power production from PV modules.

Our company completed the project with the issuing of the licenses that have a total power of 5,5Mwp. The legal actions and the necessary studies ( technical, economic, enviromental, energy) were made from partners of our company. We also initiated a strategic collaboration with MARTIFER S.A. a large group that has specialized in photovoltaics and constructions for many years and has a unified turnover of 1 billion 900 million euros.

We can take on and implement either a small project of 10Kw or the biggest one